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What are the meaning of each order status?

For PCB&Stencil

  1.  Pending: The order cannot get the final price via quote system and wait for quoting by our engineers. 

  2.  Awaiting payment: Your order is submitted to us but without checkout.

  3.  Confirmed: Your order is accepted by us.

  4.  Processing: Your order is waiting for review and engineering processing (We may send email to you to confirm some problems in your file with you)

  5.  In Production: Your order is in production

  6.  Awaiting packing. Your order is waiting for packing

  7. Shipped: Your order is collected for assignment by the forwarder.

  8. Finished: Your order has been signed

  9. Canceled: Your order is canceled.

For PCB assembly

  1.  Purchasing: The parts are in purchasing

  2.  Finish Purchasing: All the parts already arrived our warehouse

  3.  Assembling: The boards are in assembling

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