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PCBA Specification

         We have advanced SMT / Rhythm ss equipment with a professional and efficient engineering manufacturing team, we are work in provide a cost-effective service to you and try our best to meet all your requirement of your PCBA. The following list is our PCB assembly capacities (our capacities include but not limited to the list, depend your designs) If you have any other special request for the PCBA that have not include in below list, please don’t hesitate to send your request to our service email address (service@cnospcb.com), and our engineers will contact and confirm with you within 24 hours.





lead time

The lead time of our PCBA service is 8 working days,our engineer will provide 

review to your Gerber file  and BOM file once the order have confirmed,If there have 

any unexpected factors (ps. The error or confusion in your Gerber data, some unpopular 

components are difficult to purchase…) will affect the lead time of your order, our 

engineer will inform and confirm the problem with you ASAP.


PCB material

We can provide surface mounting and through-hole soldering for below kinds of PCB

(Both single side and double side):

1 Flexible Printed Circuit      2.Rigid   Printed Circuit

3.Aluminum Printed Circuit    4.Rigid-Flex   Printed Circuit


Solder Type

Manual Soldering/Surface Mounted Technology

(With ultra-low temperature soldering to meet any kinds of components)


Environmental standard

RoHS (Lead Free)


Parts Source


Base on we have an extensive, quick and powerful component procurement network 

and a large API components data library, we can provide Turn-key PCBA service for 

you.(Include online real-time quotation, PCB manufacturing,components purchasing, 

PCB assembly)

Ps. All the fee will include in the quotation and there is no any extra 

cost after the order confirmed

Partial Turn-key



You can provide the main components to us and we will help to 

purchase   the rest of components.




You can provide all the components to us for the PCB assembly,


1.      Please include a BOM and a Packing List in your package.

2.      Both the BOM and Packing List should content should be as below1555995595613086624.png



We are able to design professional printed stencils, including Stainless stencils and 

Nano stencils. Also we can provide a free professional stencil 

design consulting services to you


Order Quantity



Board Dimension

No any limits for the board dimension and board shape.


Component Package

We accept all packaging components, whether they are in rolls, plates,

tubes or bulk components.


Component Size

Passive Component: we can accept components as small as 01005, 0201, 

and 0402…                                                                                                        

Why us? 

We are one of the largest PCB prototyping factories in China.

Have over 10 of experience in provides one-stop prototyping and assembly services.

Have an extensive, quick and powerful component procurement network and a large API parts data library for real-time quotes

Have advanced SMT assembly equipment and a professional engineering and manufacturing team. 

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