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High Temperature Resistance Capacity

         Thermal shock refers to the process of large amount of heat exchange caused by an object in a short period of time due to 

rapid heating or cooling. When the temperature changes drastically, the object will generate impact thermal stress. This phenome

non is called thermal shock. If the thermal stresses that exceed the affordability of the material, it will damage the metal parts.

         In IPC-6160, the standard of the thermal shock capacity of base material, semi-finished and finished PCB is that under 288℃ 

condition, 10 seconds, for three times , the structural of the PCB will not damage(like bubble, delamination, textured appearance)  

and the plating on the board surface, solder resist, and text will not peeled off

         Base on the stipulate of the quality in IPC-6160, OSpcb have built four fix- test points sampling on the process to test the 

high temperature resistance capacity of the PCB.

         PCB thermal shock test are used for testing the physical performance of the PCB,include high temperature resistance capacity、

anti-aging capacityenvironmental adaptability、function stability……

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