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Solder Mask Layer


Problem description:  

The function of the Solder Mask layer is to show the place need to be used for soldering, so that when we cover the 

board with solder mask, we can shy away from these places and cover the rest of places with solder mask. We don't 

know how to process the solder mask if there is no solder mask layer in your file,  

How to deal with the problem:

1. If you need expose the pads for soldering and cover the other places with solder mask, please add the solder mask 

layer into the gerber file

2.If you need the whole board to be covered with solder mask, you should only draw a outline in the solder mask. 

Like this:

3. If you don’t need any solder mask on your board, you should full fill the whole solder mask layer.

Like this:

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