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How to place a PCBA order?

1.  Upload the Gerber file and choose the correct parameter of your bare board.

2.  Upload the BOM file(The BOM file should in XLS or XLSX format and contain the information as the BOM 

     Template show)

3.  Add into the Shopping Cart, the PCBA order will in 'Pending' status for the time being and you need to waiting for 

     quotation. (the quotation will finish within 24hours)


4.  After finishing the quotation, the status of the PCBA order will change into ‘Awaiting payment’ and you can pay for 

    the PCBA order in that time.(After finishing the quotation, we will send an email to inform you)


5.  Some time there have some components in your BOM file is hard to purchase and the engineer may suggest using other 

     components to replace it and confirm with you.  In that time, we will send an email to you to inform you to confirm it in 

     your shopping cart and the order status will in 'Waiting Conformation'

    If you choose 'yes', the quotation will finish and the order state will change into 'Awaiting payment' and you can pay for the order.

    If you choose 'No', our engineer will contact you via email and discuss a better solution with you.

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