UPDATE! The factory have resumed production in Feb 17th, but due to the epidemic situation, some engineer have not go back to work in time, so the delivery of the order may be delayed, so sorry for all the inconvenience!

OSpcb Team

fabrication flow chart

Fabrication Equipment

Quality Control Flow chart
PCB Prototype Promotion
PCB Prototype

Single and double side board special offer
FR-4 PCB material
100*100mm PCB fabrication
2-3 days delivery

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PCB Assembly Promotion
PCB Assembly

SMT one-stop service
Online instant quotes without waiting
The most favorable price in whole industry

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Aluminum PCB Promotion

Conductibility 1.0W
Usually used in LED lamps, good thermal conductivity
Compliance with RoHs requirements

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SMD Stencil Promotion

Laser stencil
Available in a variety of size
The unit price is as low as $15

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