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Components Purchasing Service

         To improve the experience of our service and make our product meet your expectations, we provide an efficient and quick components purchasing service to our user

1.   All the components purchasing by us.

We will all follow the BOM file you provide to help to purchase the components from some standard channels, you can recommend some dealers to us as well and we can help to purchase the component from the dealers you recommended. 

2.   All the components provide by users

You can purchase the components yourself and provide them for our PCB assembly service. 

3.  Partial components purchasing by us.

You can provide some main components to us and we can help to purchase the rest of components. 

       We have a large online API components data library, and you can enter the specification of the components you need to get the real-time quotation of the components. We work with some well-known dealer such Digi-Key Electronics、Mouser Electronics、Farnell Element14、Arrow Electronics、Avne and have a good relationship. We also work with some reliable local dealer because they have many inventories in local and will help to save the time in purchasing components (Purchase the component from international channels will take 7 working days normally, if there have any problem when pass the customs, it may even take more time)

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