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PCB order: panel by OSpcb

First of all, you should know the total quantity of the single board you need clearly.

1. Enter the dimension of the single board.


2. Select the board types as "Panel By OSpcb".


3. Complete the information for the panel you need.

    1) Enter the quantity of the rows and columns of the single board;


    2) Choose edge rails for the panel.


4. The system will calculate the information of the panel automatic. (the dimension, how many pcs per panel, and the total single pcs you will get…)


    (Note: the panel size should more than 65mm*65mm and the quantity of the single board in each panel should less than 25pcs)

5. Enter the quantity of the panel you need


(Eg. If you need 125pcs single board, 25pcs per panel, then the panel quantity you need to enter should be 125/25=5set)

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