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Flexible PCB

1. What is Flexible PCB?

As the name suggests, use flexible material to replace rigid material that allow for greater freedom of movement and bendiness. Flexible PCB made of polyimide or polyester filmy and more and more widely used in production because it is flexibility.

2. Advantages of Flexible PCB

1. Thinner than other materials, flexible is much thinner than other materials and can be used to save space and can make the product smaller.  

2. Bendable, which allows flexible PCB more flexibility and less limited on space, can adapt to various shell of product.

3. Lighter than other materials, flexible PCB is much lighter than other materials and can use to reduce the weight of the product.

3. Application of Flexible PCB

Flexible circuit boards are widely used in commercial electronic equipment, car dashboards, printers, hard drives, floppy drives, fax machines, mobile phones, general telephones, notebook computers, cameras, video cameras, CD-ROMs, Hard disk, watch, computer, camera, medical equipment, and other electronic products and equipment

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