UPDATE! The factory have resumed production in Feb 17th, but due to the epidemic situation, some engineer have not go back to work in time, so the delivery of the order may be delayed, so sorry for all the inconvenience!

OSpcb Team

How to place a PCB order


1.  Upload the gerber file (RS-274X format)


2.  Choose the correct parameter of your PCB and add to cart

3.  Choose the items you need and click the 'Buy Now' button to continue with the payment

4.  Choose the shipping address, shipping method, coupon and payment method you need and click the 'Buy Now' 

button to pay for the order.


5.  If the payment successfully, the order status will change into 'Confirmed' and you can find out the order in 'My orders'

    If the order cannot be paid successfully, the order status will still in 'Awaiting Payment' and you can find out the order 

    in 'Pending orders' to try to pay again.

    (If the payment fails for several times, please don’t hesitate to ask our customer service for help.)

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