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What are the v-cut panelization rules?

1.  V-cut Panelization Rules

a. The v-cut lines should from board edge to edge and go straight


b. The length and width of the panel should more than 6cm.


c. The clearance between v-cut lines to the trace should more than 0.4mm

2.  V-cut Panelization Types

a. Zero pitch V-cut panelize


b. V-cut panelization with pitch


3.  V-cut panelization quick questions

a. Which layer the v-cut line should be put in?

V-cut lines should be part of the board outline, so it should be put in outline layer

b. What is the depth and width of the v-cuts?

Typically, the depth of the v-cut/groove/score is 1/3 of the thickness of the board. So if you want v-cuts we recommend that you select a thickness greater than 0.8mm or the boards may break directly.

c. Do there has any extra cost for v-cut panelization?

For identical design panelization,

If the quantity of the sub-board less than 42pcs per panel, there is no any extra cost.

If the quantity of the sub-board more than 42pcs per panel, there will cost extra $16.

For different designs panelization,

Depend on the No. of the different designs in the panel. There will cost extra $8 per designs.

(You should choose the correct No. of different designs when place the order.)

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