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How to generate the gerber file from Circuit Maker?

1. Open the PCB file in Circuit Maker

    Select Output→Gerber

2. General Setting

    Select Units to Inches and format to 2:5

3. Layer Setting

    Select the layer you need to export on the gerber file

4. Apertures Setting

    Select 'Embedded apertures (RS274X)'

5. Advanced Setting

    When you make sure all configurations are fine. Please click the OK to generate the gerber files.

 6. Then we still need to generate a NC drill file

     Select Outputs→NC Drill files

7. Select the same unit and format as the gerber file and click 'OK' to generate the NC Drill files

8. Then you will get two zip files, one for gerber file and one for NC drill file.

9. Put them into same zip/rar file and start your order

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