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How to generate the gerber file from Eagle?



1.  Open a Board file(.brd) in Eagle

2.  Open the CAM processer by click the CAM Processor button or choose File→CAM processer

3.  Choose a CAM job file for generate the gerber file

     (Notice: would better choose a correct CAM job file for your design, if your design is a 2-layer

     board, please choose 2-layer cam job file for generating , if you choose 4-layer cam job file instead,

     it will export two more useless layers in your gerber file)

4.  Choose the correct format of the gerber file and the drill file

    (The gerber file should in RS-274X format,and the drill file should in Excellon format)

5.  Double check each layers of gerber file by the gerber previewer before generation.

6.  Click the ‘Process job’ button and select the output directory to generate the gerber file.

7.  Open the folder to check if the gerber file is completely or not after generation

     (To make sure all the layer you needed include in the gerber file)



The way to generate the gerber file in different version of Eagle may have a little difference

If you have any problem in generate the gerber file from Eagle, please don’t hesitate to contact us

via service@cnospcb.com to get help.

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