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Customs and import taxes

       The products purchased on OSpcb belong to overseas shopping, and the customs duties and taxes are usually not included 

in the price of the order, nor in the total freight you paid to us, So you need to bear the relevant customs duties and taxes .

       The collection of customs duties is related to the type of goods purchased, value and weight of the package. Different countries 

may have different tax policies on specific products, so the best  to check with the seller or local customs.To avoid trouble, please 

note the following:

1.  Ask the seller if you need to pay any import taxes other than the order.

2.  Contact the local post office or customs to learn more about your country's customs duties and taxes, and provide specific 

     customs requirements to our company when placing orders.

3.  We do not collect import duties, taxes or other customs related charges, which are usually collected by the shipping company 

     upon delivery.

4.  We are not responsible for any delay in delivery due to customs problems in your country.

5.  There is a risk of additional charges or delays in international trade. 

      If you have any other questions, please contact service@cnospcb.com. we will support you as much as possible.

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